Pro Tips: How to Power Up Your HubSpot Products Library

HubSpot is at it again, making life easier for its users with two new updates to their Products library. These updates include:

  1. add images to products
  2. restore deleted products.

So let's dive into these new features and see how they can benefit you, the savvy HubSpot user.

Select Image

The select image feature allows users to upload an image for their products, making it easier to showcase their products and improve the overall look and feel of their Products library. Prior to this update, users were only able to add a image using a URL. Now, users can add an image of their product from the image tab, which is much faster and much easier than adding the image’s URL.

Having a visual representation of a product can be incredibly helpful for customers when making a purchasing decision. By adding an image of their product, HubSpot users can give potential customers a better idea of what they are offering, and this can ultimately lead to an increase in sales.

To use this feature, users simply need to navigate to their Products library and click on the product they want to add an image to. Then, they can click the "Select Image" button and upload an image from their computer. Once the image is uploaded, it will be displayed alongside the product in the Products library.


Restore Deleted ProductsOrange Save Your Time Button on Computer Keyboard. Business Concept.

This feature is a useful tool for users who accidentally delete a product from their Products library. Previously, if a user deleted a product, it was permanently removed and could not be recovered. With this new update, however, users can now restore deleted products and bring them back into their Products library.

This feature can be especially helpful for businesses that have a large number of products in their library. Accidentally deleting a product can be a frustrating and time-consuming mistake, but with the restore feature, users can quickly and easily recover their lost product.

To restore a deleted product, users simply need to navigate to their Products library and click on the "Deleted" tab. From there, they can select the product they want to restore and click the "Restore" button. The product will then be moved back to the main Products library and can be edited or managed as usual.


In Conclusion:

HubSpot just made managing your Products library a whole lot easier with these two updates! Now you can add images to your products and even restore accidentally deleted items. HubSpot is always looking for ways to improve the user experience, and these updates prove it. These tools will give businesses the support they need to showcase their products and keep track of their inventory.


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