HubSpot Technical Services

Stay one step ahead with a personalized Hubspot technical services package that is tailored to your needs.



Professional Tier:

HubSpot Operations Support

from $2,500 per month

Level up your HubSpot game with our Operations Support package.  You will have the time and attention of our Revenue Operations team to:

  • Automate task queues, lead or deal notifications, and sales activities (including follow-up emails and deal creation)
  • Automate lifecycle stage and lead status
  • Segment contact or company database (including Target Accounts)
  • Trigger marketing automation for website visitors
  • Route leads, tickets, and other records to appropriate sales, service, or marketing personnel
  • Enrich or clean CRM data such as contacts, companies, deals, and tickets
  • Assist marketing and sales personnel in creating email campaigns and sales outreach sequences
  • Import data into HubSpot
  • Associate objects (such as contacts, companies, and service tickets)
  • Create custom properties as needed
  • Build custom objects
  • Set up static and active lists
  • Create filtered views for sales, marketing, and service personnel
  • Build reports and dashboards for marketing, sales, service, and
    executive teams, including:
  • Close rates
  • Sales cycle time
  • Pipeline velocity
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Cost of customer acquisition
  • Churn
  • Marketing channel overview
  • Ticket response time
  • Active Ticket statuses


Enterprise Tier:

HubSpot Technical Consulting

from $3,000 per month

Our HubSpot Technical Consulting package includes everything in the Professional tier plus expert HubSpot technical consulting. 

  • Developing systems architecture designs
  • Creating ERDs (entity relationship diagrams)
  • Assessing functional requirements for customizations and integrations
  • Customizing the HubSpot CRM UI with integrated data 
  • Designing custom objects
  • Extending the capabilities of HubSpot data sync tools
  • Advanced CRM data migration
  • CMS Hub migrations
  • Designing advanced, integrated reporting in Microsoft Power BI
  • Technology stack assesssments
  • HubSpot API consulting
  • HubSpot data warehouse implementation
  • ERP system integrations



"Bayard Bradford helped us take our ‘good’ program to the next level. We’ve been trying to connect revenue to marketing campaigns for years. Getting our CRM, our marketing automation and our website into one hub where we can tie sales to marketing campaigns has long been a goal of ours. We are so glad we selected them as our partner."

M. Finlayson