HubSpot CRM

Keep your HubSpot CRM at peak performance

Bayard Bradford will customize a HubSpot admin support package to your specific needs, from training to complete outsourcing. 

Bayard Bradford HubSpot Help Desk Services

Bayard Bradford provides technology management and expert HubSpot admin services via the Bayard Bradford Help Desk.

As your HubSpot administrators, we maintain familiarity with your business processes to support your CRM system. Our service includes:

  • Responding to user support requests by opening tickets, identifying required actions, and providing a solution where possible (most requests will be handled within 24 hours)
  • Maintaining all aspects of the HubSpot configuration and technical/ functional capabilities, including all changes related to the monthly HubSpot product updates
  • Installing, configuring, and maintaining app integrations from the HubSpot App Marketplace
  • Managing new user setups and deactivations, including transferring ownership of contacts/companies/deals for deactivated users
  • Conducting routine data audits to uncover data integrity issues and/or opportunities for process improvement
  • Quarterly project planning and review meetings

We have your solution for:

  • Day-to-day administration of your HubSpot account, including support for all users
  • Ongoing HubSpot data management and data hygiene
  • Managing HubSpot integrations
  • Implementing HubSpot automation and workflows for business processes and efficiency improvements
  • Creating HubSpot reports and dashboards for insight into marketing, sales metrics, and activities

Bayard Bradford RevOps Team

Revenue Operations support from Bayard Bradford means your business will have access to the Bayard Bradford RevOps team to:

  • Automate task queues, lead or deal notifications, and sales activities (including follow-up emails and deal creation)
  • Automate lifecycle stage and lead status
  • Segment contact or company database (including Target Accounts)
  • Trigger marketing automation for website visitors
  • Route leads, tickets, and other records to appropriate sales, service, or marketing personnel
  • Enrich or clean CRM data such as contacts, companies, deals, and tickets
  • Assisting marketing and sales personnel in creating email campaigns and sales outreach sequences
  • Managing data quality in your CRM database
  • Importing data into HubSpot
  • Associating objects (such as contacts, companies, and service tickets)
  • Creating custom properties as needed
  • Building custom objects
  • Setting up static and active lists
  • Creating filtered views for sales, marketing, and service personnel
  • Building reports and dashboards for marketing, sales, service, and
    executive teams, including:
  • Close rates
  • Sales cycle time
  • Pipeline velocity
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Cost of customer acquisition
  • Churn
  • Marketing channel overview
  • Ticket response time
  • Active Ticket statuses



"Bayard Bradford helped us take our ‘good’ program to the next level. We’ve been trying to connect revenue to marketing campaigns for years. Getting our CRM, our marketing automation and our website into one hub where we can tie sales to marketing campaigns has long been a goal of ours. We are so glad we selected them as our partner."

M. Finlayson